Expand Work-skills Training Program for Individuals with Autism James Axiak


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  • Awarness that Individuals with Autism can Work


Autism Works will train work teams of highly compromised individuals with autism to provide a service for private companies within their community.
Four work teams consisting of four clients with ASD and a team leader will be formed.

A promotional video of the current program will be created to attract prospective employers and highlight client abilities.

A business plan, philosophy and mission statement will be established.

Clients will be trained to provide value based services that compliment the responsibilities of company staff by completeing tasks that should be done but are often left behind. For example, facing up grocery store shelves, etc.

Training will be individualized initially at a training center to assess abilities and develop job specific skill sets. Clients will be placed in work teams of 2, 3 and 4 with success and compatibility.

Skilled group leaders will be trained to oversee and supervise work teams at job sites.


Community Benefit

Many individuals with autism who have communication, perception and sensory difficulties have very little opportunity to find meaningful work in their community. Parents have to spend up to 30K a year to enroll them in day programs that do not provide the opportunity to work.This project will offer them the opportunity to be the face of autism working in their community at a greatly reduced cost to families. I currently take a group of three and four adults with an ASD to a grocery store, a retirement home, a video store and pizza place. The cost for families is divided accordingly, by 2, 3 or 4 depending on how many people with autism are working at one time under one supervisor. Companies benefit too as they get a free service that they need. By raising awareness of the abilities of those with autism my hope is that many more employers will want to be apart of this ground breaking program, increasing employment opportunities for all with an ASD. Awareness! Opportunity! Dignity!!!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The project will cover business set-up and start-up costs. The roll-out of the program model is to sustain 4 teams of 4 or 16 clients on an ongoing basis. Our mandate beyond year one will be to grow our client base annually to include an increasing number of work teams as new employers are obtained.
$ 25,000 Promotional Video
$ 25,000 Develop Business Plan
$ 25,000 Overhead Costs: Lease Training Center
$ 25,000 Staff Training/Development

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