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  • To Tell a Great Story


EVERY DAY in 2003, Windsor's auto workers:

• built 808 vehicles

• built over 5,000 engines

• built 2,700 transmissions

• produced $63 million worth of products

• earned $4.4 million

• paid $1.2 million in income and municipal taxes

Fast forward to today and we have a totally different story, completely different lives and a devastated employment rate. HOW did we get from there to here?

Mad(e) in Canada is a documentary we would like to produce that tells the stories of the highs and lows of Windsor's BIG Three car companies. It will also examine the growing tensions around the COUNTRY towards the ideal of 'Buying Local'.


1 - 50-90 minute Documentary
1 - A free public exhibit with documentary viewing no more that 50 weeks from the project start date.
1 - a unique website designated to the documentary, capable of 

Community Benefit

Thousands of families have had their entire lives and landscape redesigned over the loss of jobs in the automotive sector. We hope to tell their stories, really well. We believe that by focusing on getting the story right, people directly effected and scarred by the collapse will feel encouraged and able to move on. For the people who have lost so much, no one has really told their stories yet. No one has given them a voice. We believe this documentary will help with healing process.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 15,000 Cinematographer
$ 8,000 Camera Operator
$ 15,000 Director
$ 5,000 Video Editor
$ 5,000 Lighting Director/Design
$ 1,000 Location Scout/Finder
$ 2,500 Music - Composer
$ 16,000 Producer
$ 15,000 Production Manager
$ 1,500 Sound - Mixer/Technician
$ 1,000 Transportation
$ 15,000 Production Crew

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