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  • A rock concert with a message of hope for 6000 youth across Alberta

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The "Rock'N Resiliency Project" takes Troy Payne's profoundly inspiring, and most-requested keynote, "The Irrespressible Journey" and cranks it up a notch by combining Troy's passionate story-telling with heart-thumping live music.  The music is provided by Troy and his youth band "Aside from Sorrow", which is made up of 3 high-school students who are dedicated to helping Troy get his important message of hope out to as many youth as possible.

The songs performed in a concert setting will enhance the event and connect with youth through the universal language of music.  The concerts are targeted for the Spring of 2011.  The audience will be youth ages 14-18 from the cities of Edmonton and Calgary as well as from central Alberta. The goal is to have approximately 3000 youth attend each event free of charge. The grant money will be used to finance both events in terms of venue and equipment rentals and transportation. 

Community Benefit

The Rock'N Resiliency project delivers a message of encouragement and empowerment to youth during one of the most important transitional times of their lives. Using Troy's own story of triumph over tragedy, youth will be given four, easily accessible tools that they can use in their own lives to overcome the difficulties and challenges they face, no matter what those may be. Troy makes the point that adversity discriminates against no one and explores what it is that allows some people to move forward in their lives while other remain hindered by their challenges. The answer is Resiliency. With the impact of live and current music, youth remain engaged and active participants while learning and embracing new methods of coping and moving forward in their lives. The message is applicable to all youth from diverse backgrounds and encourages them to grow to be contributing members of their communities and live healthy, productive and meaningful lives. That is, to embrace life.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 60,000 Venue rentals
$ 25,000 Light, Sound, and video equipment rentals
$ 15,000 Transportation for youth and Marketing

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