Launch campaign to improve student driving skills and save lives.Dawn Blaus


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  • Improve driving skills of young people.
  • Create awareness of unsafe driving habits.
  • Engage young people in creating safe driving solutions .
  • Reverse the trend of increasing traffic fatalities.


This project is a response to several concerns:

  • recent tragic road accidents that have taken 8 lives in the past two years and left dozens more injured;
  • increased traffic on Highway 1, one of the main corridors connecting our communities; and
  • increased evidence of dangerous driving habits, including speeding, following too closely and distracted driving.

The project will speak to, and be driven by, young people. These young people have lost three friends in recent years to tragic accidents. Nobody wants to lose any more - and they'll do what it takes to make sure it doesn't happen again. Youth will have hands-on responsibility for planning, developing and implementing ideas.


  • Survey to establish baseline habits & attitudes
  • Forum/workshop to develop interest, inform group
  • 3-4 learning driver events
  • Social marketing/public awareness campaign; on-line & traditional
  • Provincial Road Safety Youth Conference 

Long-term, ultimate deliverable: lives saved.

Community Benefit

The towns, villages and rural areas making up our region are home to almost 9,000 people. Each day families, commuters, new drivers and school buses travel between communities for school, sports, work, community events, and simply to visit friends and family. Public transit is not available. It is critical to reverse the trend that has seen increasing numbers of deaths on our roads in the past several years. This project will speak directly to one of the most vulnerable groups on the road: young, new drivers. Developing their skills and awareness will reduce crashes and save lives. As the project engages the youth, parents and family members will be drawn in and made aware. Similarly, the benefits will carry over to the community at large - through events, publicity and simple word-of-mouth. The project's wider reach will include youth across the province through a youth conference, and the more-than-22,000 drivers and passengers moving through the area on the Trans-Canada each day.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 4,000 Survey
$ 4,000 Forum/workshop
$ 12,000 Learning driver events
$ 20,000 Social marketing/public awareness campaign
$ 20,000 Provincial Youth Road Safety Conference
$ 5,000 Prizes, incentives, promotional materials
$ 10,000 Youth team registration/travel/hotel for national road safety event
$ 25,000 Project coordination, administration and evaluation

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