distribute backpacks of food to needy children on weekends.Colleen Caza


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  • To provide food to hungry children on weekends.



Fortunately many of our schools provide a snack and/or breakfast program to children who attend without food.  In some of our more underprivileged areas there is little or no access to food on weekends.  This program will provide a backpack of food to the neediest of children to take home on Friday.  On Monday the empty backpack is returned and filled again for the coming weekend.  This ensures that at least the basic nutritional needs of these children are being met.  It shows them that someone cares assists in relieving some of the stress and anxiety around not knowing where your next meal is coming from.

Community Benefit

As children have their basic needs met they are able to learn, to play, to reach their potential. The children are our future, children who are nurtured and cared for are able to become contributing members of our society. The simple act of giving opens up so much possibility. It is heartbreaking to be reminded that there are some in our community who have so little to eat. We can nourish the spirits and bodies of children and give them hope and comfort.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Backpacks will be donated, time will be donated, all funds will be used for food purchases.
$ 5,000 purchase of food for children

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