To build a shelter for a blind horse and other horses who need a home.Horse Rescue Ontario


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  • Build a barn for a blind horse and other horses in need.


To build a barn for a blind horse who has no place to go and shelter for other horses in need.  There are many beautiful ex-race horses, ex-show horses and once loved school horses who once they are no longer able to be ridden have very few opportunities for a "happy ending" Many go for slaughter.There are also many horses whose owners no longer can care for them due to finances or illness and horses who are abused and neglected who need protection. We presently are full and cannot take any more new horses without a new building for them and the need is so great.

We need to plan the building, get the building permit, decide on who is going to build the barn and get the materials ordered and delivered.

Community Benefit

There are many horses needing assistance. We have taken horses where the owner had lost their property due to the economy, owners going through a divorce or where the owner was severely ill and could no longer care for their horses. Once a horse is lame or elderly there are very few options other than euthanasia or slaughter even though the horse is still beautiful and healthy.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Extra fencing for the horses. Extra plumbing and rubber mats for the flooring Stalls for everyone needing a stall.
$ 25,000 To build a barn for a blind horse and other horses in need.

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