Mother Nature's Classroom: Her Shot At Education at LaSalle Public LaSalle Public School


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  • To build an outdoor classroom at LaSalle Public School.
  • To inspire and motivate children to learn in a natural environment.


Our goal at LaSalle Public School is to have an outdoor classroom to improve students' attention, grades, and behaviour. Research has proven “Young Minds Bloom in Outdoor Classrooms”. By learning in an outdoor space, children will improve their involuntary attention. Over the past decade, hundreds of schools have added gardens to their learning environments. Doctors have been able to track and link this to better scores. “Ninety-two percent of students who have been in outdoor learning programs perform better than their peers in reading, writing, math, science and social studies.” Behaviour will improve because working outdoors, children can see new possibilities to make a difference and enhance learning. Human beings spend 90% of their lives inside. We think we should spend more of it outside, in the fresh air. Why not start with school?

Community Benefit

As a community school, we can inspire other schools to engage student learning in an outdoor setting; just as we were inspired by a school in England. This area can be utilized throughout the year, including holidays, by everyone in the LaSalle community who has access to this area. As an Eco school this is an enhancement of our ongoing green initiatives.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Plans, Materials and Construction

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