Build a community Splash Pad for improved recreation for all ages.North Thompson Volunteer Information Centre


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  • To provide recreatin facilities for the community
  • To make our commuinty more inviting to new families
  • To promote healthy living and activity for all ages

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The small, rural community of Barriere is a beautiful place to live and raise a family.  As with many rurual communities, there is a lack of recreational facilities.

As summers in our area can be very hot, often reaching temperatures of 40 degrees, a Splash Pad would be an amazing addition to our community.  It would be usuable by all age groups, a place for children, families and seniros to cool down. The wildfires of 2003 took the communities largest employer causing an outflow of membres mmoving to find employment.  This left us with a lack of large businesses leaving many low income families and seniors resulting in a low tax base. This makes the prospect of building a recreation facility unreachable.
While searching for option that are affordable to build and maintain, usable by all members of the community.
With the Pepsi Refresh grant, we believe we can have this project completed by the summer of 2011.

Community Benefit

with no recreation facilities in our community; many families having to have dual incomes to make ends meet as well as having to communte to Kamloops for employment, the Splash Park would give children and their caregivers a place to cool down on a hot summer day. Located right downtown within walking distance, it would make it easily accessible and the Splash Pad will also have a section suitable for toddlers. The Splash Park will also benefit the members of the smaller surrounding communities of Exlou, Louis Creek, Darfield, Little Fort and the Simpcw First Nation's reserve in Chu Chua. In addition it will draw tourists into our downtown core from the busy highway that bisects Barriere, adding to our local economy.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: An in-kind donation in the form of professional design and project management (value of $75,000) along with vounteer labour, has been commited should the grant be successful.
$ 100,000 for the construction of a Splash Pad infrastructure and installation

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