Deliver 12 Epic Parties To Thousands Of Canadians From Coast To Coast!Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party


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  • To inspire as many people as possible to come together...
  • and sing+dance together; creating joy, excitement...
  • and laughter for thousands of Canadians nationwide!

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What is a DDP? The DDP is a portable, battery-powered Party System. 
It consists of hundreds of Party People, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing a powerful FM transmitter. All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system! 
This Portable Dance Party roams the night, generating complete awesomeness, street by street and block by block! Inevitably interfacing with the public, together we create an infectious epidemic of fun! A Roaming Party Adventure that lasts all night long! Our dream is to do another cross-Canada tour, delivering 12 awesome DDPs from Yukon to Newfoundland. We will bring 500 boomboxes and have a crew of 12, dressed in banana suits, who will help us to prepare for and oversee the Parties.   
 Every Party is organized on Facebook and promoted solely by word of mouth. Thousands of people show up.
 We know it sounds a little crazy and far-fetched, but we’ve already done this once!

Community Benefit

Not many people realize it, but: Q: What Is Art? A: Uninhibited Self Expression. Q: What Is Partying? A: Uninhibited Self Expression The DDP is revolutionary performance art. Everyone holding a boombox becomes a performer and rocks out with one another and random passersby and our collective energy projects everyone to unparalleled heights of happiness for hours on end. Together, we awaken the raw and beautiful rhythm-craving instincts ingrained in our DNA that have been subverted since childhood in our sterile western cultures. We smile genuinely, we make instant friends, we lose ourselves in the music and find ourselves in situations so novel and thrilling that we never forget them. This project is a 100% participatory and 100% positive communal undertaking that will unite thousands of strangers from all walks of life to sing and dance and enjoy life to the fullest in the fine streets of our fine country!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Based on our expenditures for our last Canadian tour, the above is a conservative estimate and we will likely slightly exceed the $100,000 total.
$ 10,000 gas
$ 5,000 Batteries for the boomboxes
$ 10,000 hotels
$ 6,000 booomboxes
$ 49,500 Paying a 12-member crew $75/day for ~55 days
$ 15,000 Buying a bus/motorhome and minivan (both will be sold afterwards at a
$ 4,500 misc costs

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