Build a New Emergency Services Building !Frontier and District Emergency Services


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  • To build a emergency services building to meet our current needs.


In Frontier  our emergency services currently require 6 seperate buildings to house our vehicles, hold office space and train our staff. These 6 seperate buildings do not meet our needs as they are scattered throughout the town. The problems we face are that we are very limited in space for storing equipment and training our staff, we do not have running water or bathroom facilities in our current buildings. Our office is located away from the vehicles. When an emergency occurs that requires the efforts of EMS and Fire Rescue, it is a scramble to gather all of the vehicles from the 6 seperate buildings, this results in a much less efficient, coordinated emergency response. We are proposing to the community to construct a building to solve all of these problems. A place where we can store all our vehicles, clean them and our equipment and train our staff.  Such a building will ensure our community recieves a better coordinated response from our emergency crews.

Community Benefit

In rural Saskatchewan receiving health care is becoming more and more difficult and because of that more emphasis is being placed on emergency services. It is vital to our community to have a well trained, well organized emergency crew. We are relied upon to respond to our community members at some of the worst moments of their lives and depended on to have the proper training and equipment to do so. A new building in for our emergency services will help our crews to provide a better coordinated emergency response to our community members. We would have a proper facility to store our vehicles and train our staff. I think the benefits of that speak for itself.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 towards the cost of the building

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