Expand and improve our current youth center and skate & bmx parkiNCLINE Industries


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  • To raise $150,000 to complete this project
  • To expand & improve our current skate & bmx park
  • To build a food area with booths and an acoustic stage
  • To build a lounging area with comfy couches
  • To continue impacting the youth of Sylvan Lake

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The youth of Sylvan Lake need a place where they can hang out and receive positive influence. We have already been addressing this need for the past 4 years. Now we want to enlarge our audience from mainly skateboarders and bmxers to ALL the youth of Sylvan Lake. We will do this by expanding our facility to house a variety of attractions and activities for them. Without facilities like iNCLINE Industries the youth will search for fun and fulfillment in other areas like drugs, alcohol & partying.

Our projected cost for this expansion is $150,000. We have already acquired the
space needed to complete this project.

We want to expand and improve our current skate and bmx park. We want to add an eating area with booths & tables, an acoustic stage, a lounging area equipped with couches & video game consoles and a meeting/lecture room where we can host educational programs for the youth. ie. teen pregnancy support, drug awareness etc.

Community Benefit

iNCLINE Industries has already proven it's community benefit through the 4 years of our existence. We exist for the youth of our town. We care about them & want to provide a place specifically for them. We give them a positive way & place to channel their energy. It is proven that in areas where there are activities for the youth to engage in, the crime rate is decreased. We are open until 10pm throughout the week and until midnight on Friday & Saturday nights to give our youth an alternative to the bars, the bushes & the street corners. We are a safe haven for the youth of Sylvan Lake. We've had opportunities to help youth struggling with drugs & alcohol get back onto the right path & in one case into rehabilitation. iNCLINE Industries is here for the youth day after day; we are seeing long term transformations in the lifestyles, behaviors & attitudes of numerous youth because of the positive influence they have received from iNCLINE!!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Not included in this $100,000 is: The Kitchen: $40,000. This will include coolers, stove, deep fryer, grill, exhaust hood, electrical, gas, air exchange unit & display coolers. The front counter: $7000. And display racks: $1000.
$ 40,000 Remodeling layout (building offices & meeting rooms, new walls etc)
$ 30,000 Skate park expansion (new concrete, ramps, heating & cooling, labor)
$ 15,000 Restaurant eating area (booths, tables, chairs, internet, flooring)
$ 15,000 Lounging area (couches, tables, tv, xbox, xbox stand, fireplace)

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