Earth Spirit Horse Rescue Inc.

rescue horses from abuse neglect & slaughter & find them forever homesEarth Spirit Horse Rescue Inc.


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  • To rescue, rehabilitate, & rehome horses in need

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Earth Spirit Horse Rescue Inc. will rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected & abused horses. Currently I have 130 acres of land in southern New Brunswick for this program but we need facilities to enable us to house rescued horses where SPCAs are ill-equipped to take on such large animals in need of shelter and care. Unwanted domestic horses in Canada are being shipped to feedlots in several povinces and slaughtered for foreign cuisine, (mostly to France, Begium & Japan). I intend to create an alternative. This is a start-up project, I will register as a non-profit org. and continue to expand to rescue as many horses as possible, in the years to come. As part of the horse rehabilitation, we will work in partnership with horse-human therapy & education pograms to foster mutual empowerment, trust, & other life skills for both the horses and the people involved. It is about fostering lasting change and inspiring positive potential for a brighter future for everyone!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not include care, feed, horse rescue purchase fees, vet or farrier fees, grooming, handling, or rehabilitation equipment. I will be volunteering my time for the horse care, am currently fundraising for these operating expenses locally, & will gain support through horse sponsorship
$ 4,000 Weather Shelter
$ 8,000 Well & heated water unite for year-round water access
$ 8,000 Pasture Fencing
$ 80,000 Arena for stable & rehabilitation space

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