create a green area for Bridgewater High School & community.Bridgewater Junior Senior High School Backyard Project


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  • To create a green space for students & community members.
  • To create outdoor educational spaces.
  • To create a space that will support the well-being of our students.

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The plan for the Backyard Project is to divide the one large asphalt area into two separate areas, the eco-gymnasium and the global living room connected by natural pathways.
The eco-gymnasium will replace the asphalt area with a multi purpose playing surface surrounded by plants and seating creating outdoor rooms with living walls. The playing surface will be used to accommodate the many activities of a physical education program providing a healthy setting for learning. The Global Living room will serve as another space for a combination of activities, including an outdoor classroom and a place for students to sit and read and enjoy the outdoors. The entire area will be connected by trails that can be used for running or walking and used after school hours by the community. Overall, the project aims to develop and support the physical, social, mental and emotional health and well-being of all the students, staff and the community.


Community Benefit

Our goal is to work in partnership with others to identify and meet the health needs of the whole school and wider community. The backyard at BHS serves as both a school playground/classroom and an after-hours community playground. The Town of Bridgewater has a population of 8,000, a significant portion who are families of young children and who are seniors. This playground would service the recreation needs of the greatest number of citizens of the town and needs to be updated for full use and accessibility. The proposed playground will service the needs of the Town of Bridgewater providing a safe place for local daycares, YMCA and Parks and Recreation Programs. The additional green space will provide a park environment for parents, children and the community, giving them the benefit of a comfortable place to rest and socialize.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The above budget does not include the Eco gym which will cost $148000 once the surface has had the asphalt removed, the surface prepped, concrete slab installed, the Sport Court installed and a fence around it to protect it. It also does not include lighting, security and brickwork for the paths.
$ 65,000 Infrastructure-global living room, terrace seating, outdoor classrooms
$ 12,000 Earthwork-soil inport, removal, preparation, mulch
$ 20,000 Furniture-receptacles, outdoor fitness equip, boulder seating, tables
$ 3,000 Trees

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