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  • To prevent bullying through education and awareness.

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Bullying is a universal issue that affects everyone directly and/or indirectly. Bullying affects everyone regardless of age, language, culture, socio-economic background, size, sex or religion. Bullying is not simply a "School" issue, it is a broader community health and wellness issue. Since is was first launched on February 16th 2000, has hosted millions of visitors and contributors from across Canada and around the world. It was chosen for the ChildNet International Award as a project that makes the Internet better for youth, also a finalist for the Stockholm Challenge Award, often called the "Prize of the Information Technology world". CBC TV News anchor Peter Mansbridge, referred to as "One of the best Websites in the world for young people." This project plan is direct and clear, if successful, the entire $5000 grant will be used to keep the Website online for all Canadians to benefit from by paying for its' annual hosting costs.

Community Benefit

This project will benefit anyone who is trying to deal with the issue of bullying in their lives or those they care for. This project will provide online education, support and inspiration through the power of the Website If enough support is received for this grant, will continue to to be available to any Canadian, anywhere in our vast land, any time it is needed. Since was first launched on February 16th, 2000 every personal, story, poem, drawing, song. animation and video, as well as every reply has been viewed and moderated to keep the Website safe for all. helps Canadians learn and understand that: 1) They are NOT alone (in dealing with bullying) 2) It is NOT their fault (to be bullied) and 3) There ARE many positive things they can do about it. also conceived of and currently facilitates Canada's annual National Bullying Awareness Week each November, see

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The entire grant will be used to pay for the Website annual hosting costs.
$ 5,000 The grant will pay for Website annual hosting costs

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