create a program for adults/elderly to teach computer skills/sns Get Connected


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  • To teach at least 10 individuals and develop their computer skills


Get Connected has the idea to educate the elderly and adults who have little to no computer knowledge in areas such as how to set up an email account or use Microsoft Word, to using a common social networking site. Our group will begin by determining what level of computer skills everyone has. From there we will adjust lesson so that everyone is accommodated. We will build up their skills so that they are able to communicate using different social media sites which is our main focus. This will allow these people to open new ways communicating with friends and family. Get Connected wants to open a door to many opportunities that can make their lives much easier.

Plan: group of 10 individuals at a specific location

  • Shop online 
  • Banking online
  • Amuse themselves by playing simple games. Even solitaire can be quite relaxing to play.
  • Finding out information. Example, train times, etc. 
  • Communicating with family and friends. It’s a cheaper way to communicate.

Community Benefit

Our project involves both young and old individuals who share common interests. It is a way for them to learn from each other and expand their knowledge on social networking sites. This program boosts ones self-esteem and provides a gateway for older people to participate more on the computer. Once they see how easy it is to start up an account, they will start to explore other internet options such as buying online or simply surfing the web. No longer will they feel old and incapable, but young and able. It also benefits communities outside of ours, connecting grandchildren to grandparents and uncles to aunts who may live long distances.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 200 Usb Device
$ 1,000 Computer room rent (more than one day)
$ 300 Flyers, posters, ads
$ 500 Web Cam's
$ 3,000 3 Laptops

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