help homeless people reintegrate by providing them with jobs and homesSIFE Concordia


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  • Get 10 homeless people jobs
  • Help them get homes
  • Organize Counselling workshops at a shelter
  • Provide CV Building Workshops in order to help them get jobs
  • Provide skill training workshops essential to work


Our goal with this project is to work with a homeless shelter in order to develop programs that will teach the homeless people how to succeed in the workforce.

The first step is rehabilitation. We want to make sure that they have the counselling and support that they need in order to integrate back into society. Working with the Concordia University psychology department, we will ensure the training and partnership with the homeless shelter in order to ensure the success of this program.

The second step is to give the people the training that they need in order to get a job. This is crucial, because holding a job will make sure that they're able to get themselves a place to live. We will provide CV Building workshops and basic courses essential to even the most common jobs such as etiquette and beginners sales.

Finally, we want to help them kickstart their second chance by covering $5000 of their first years rent that will be paid to their landlord to ensure that it is well spent.

Community Benefit

This initiative will help build a self sustaining program that will re-integrate homeless people back into the work force and into homes. Working with this shelter, we can build relationships with them to ensure the long running success of this program. The shelter will benefit as the program will help them alleviate some of the demand by teaching the people how to be self sufficient. As all Montreal shelters are experiencing a higher demand then ever, they need a way to alleviate some of this demand and this is the perfect project to do so as they won't be leaving people hungry.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The goal of the money will be to develop the workshops and ensure that they will become self sustaining. We don't want to give them a free pass. We know that if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for 1 day, but if you teach a man how to fish he'll eat for a lifetime.
$ 50,000 Develop workshop for cv building and job training
$ 50,000 Provide rent for 10 homeless people to get homes

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