create a new space for an evicted animal rescue society & animals.CARES (Claresholm Animal Rescue Society


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  • To find new property and create a new building to house animals



The lady who owns the property has given CARES an ultimatum, including dogs must be locked up by 9 p.m. and a month-to-month lease. She can then evict with little notice.

Tentative new property has been located. Presently, quotes are being accepted to proceed with the building plans. 

A cement floor, heating, electrical as well as drainage and water for laundry hookups will be needed. An outdoor run-space and an office for the managing volunteers. All information has been given to town council, as they seek land for project.

Calendars have been sold and other funding opportunities sought to pay for new digs.

The animals can be fostered out until move-in to proposed new site has been completed. 

Community Benefit

Many local animals are abandoned or strays for various reasons. The CAReS animal shelter takes in animals, giving them temporary health care, basic care, tatooing, spay or neutering AND a feral cat program for tag and release to reduce the population and illnesses. They foster animals out to approved homes. All of southern Alberta would benefit from the shelter as they work in conjunction with area vets and other animal havens to ensure the greatest chance of permanent adoptions.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 55,000 building
$ 12,000 vet fees, legal, secretarial, advertising
$ 28,000 food, medication, litter, cleaning supplies
$ 5,000 Toys, blankets, leashes

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