Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned special needs cats and dogsCATS CRADLE ANIMAL RESCUE


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  • Rescue and rehabilitate hard to place cats and dogs from local pounds
  • Provide medical care, food and supplies for all animals in our care
  • Find permanent homes for all of our rescued, special needs animals
  • Raise funds to help offset our $5,000+ monthly veterinarian expenses
  • Spay and neuter program to reduce number of unwanted kittens and cats

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"Cats Cradle Animal Rescue" mission statement is to rescue, rehabilitate, spay/neuter and rehome distressed, abandoned or neglected special needs cats and dogs considered unadoptable by reason of health, age, appearance or temperament. These animals are rescued from the local pound and would have been euthanized. We place each animal in a loving foster home where it is nurtured, evaluated, and rehabilitated, and pay for all food, supplies and medical attention until adoption into a permanent, loving home.

Extensive medical care is provided, including treatment of these conditions: ear cancer, hyperthyroidism, life-threatening constipation, paralysis, diabetes, upper respiratory infection, eye infection, dental, allergies, herpes, bladder infection, worms, fleas. Assist in spay/neuter of feral cat colonies to reduce population.

Last but certainly not least, we have enhanced the lives of all those who have adopted our wonderful cats, kittens and dogs,  245 so far this year alone.

Community Benefit

Our animals are mostly taken from the CRD (Capital Region District) Victoria, BC pound where they have been deemed unadoptable for various reasons. These animals would eventually be euthanized at the CRD. As we have taken over these animals, their lives have been saved and we also have saved the taxpayer a considerable amount of money since we are not reimbursed for any expenses relating to these animals. We have successfully domesticated and socialized a large number of feral kittens and adults and placed them in homes. We also maintain a small feral cat colony. We are now assisting the northern communities of Port Hardy and Alert Bay with rescuing cats where it is very difficult to find homes and there are no vets available. They are flown down free of charge by a local airline. These animals were doomed, mostly to death by drowning or exposure. Our efforts of spay/neuter has helped in the reduction of unwanted and feral cats in our community and the related issues in this regard.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Annual veterinarian bills exceed $60,000+ which includes spay $100/neuter $70 (vets discount) for each animal and special diet food. Food, litter provided to the foster homes, $25,000+ annual expense. Shortfall to be raised with fundraising, adoption fees and public donations.
$ 10,000 Help pay ongoing vet expenses of over $5,000 per month

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