Spay/Neuter, feed, and re-home feral and stray cats.Aline Hilton


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  • To spay and neuter 20 stray and feral cats.
  • To provide shelter, food and medical care to the cats,
  • To offer financial assistance for cat care to those in financial need.

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The plan is to continue feeding and caring for the colony while continuing to domesticate the cats. Decrease feral and stray cat population and disease by spaying and neutering and re-homing the cats if possible. The goal is to spay and neuter 12 immediately as funding allows.
Continue to provide food, shelter and medical as needed.
Also to assist those in financial need with spaying and neutering.

Community Benefit

A benefit to the community will be a decrease in the feral and stray population and disease of the cats in the area. The benefit of knowing that you can give someone hope in financial times of need to help spay or neuter a cat that otherwise they may have to surrender. And the satisfaction of knowing that the ferals and strays in the area can live healthier lives.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: If the 500 is not used for misc. medical expenses then the money would be used toward spay/neuter.
$ 4,000 spay and neuter
$ 500 food and shelter
$ 500 misc medical expenses

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