A Sports Centre with an educational assistance programBruno Hébert


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  • To offer several training services


The mission of the centre is provide gymnastics, a martial arts school and physical training, plus a shuttle system for the residents of Rawdon who don't own a car, and an academic support program. Students who perform poorly and drop out of school, and even those who have difficulties at home, will be guided and will benefit from free physical training provided that they achieve success in their studies. Many small martial arts schools close down or must make fundraising activities in order to survive. It's a pity and that's why I had this idea of gathering them under one roof. With their own building, a gym and a variety of trainings, Masters and trainers will have more exposure and they will be able to share the costs of logistics.

Community Benefit

Disadvantaged young people will be allowed to train provided that they get good grades, and more training periods will be available for Rawdon athletes.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The money of the grant will enable us to purchase the land and to help the different investors in the construction of the centre.
$ 100,000 Construction of a non-profit sports centre

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