to commission a mural on a prominent wall in Cherry Park NeighbourhoodCherry Park Neighbourhood Association


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  • To commission a new Mural for 69 Agnes Street

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For decades the plain white south–east facing wall of the former K-W Granite club, now Paintball Arena located at 69 Agnes Street has loomed over Park Street as an un-kept and forgotten form behind abandoned Petro-Canada grounds.  Together, the neighbouring residents see nothing but an industrial wasteland, however this area is rich in our community heritage and merits a new purpose. 

Together with the owners of the building, the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association would like to commission a mural to improve the view from Park Street and to bring a new work of original public art to our neighbourhood and to the community at large.

It is our hope that the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Mural will be painted on site over late Summer of 2011 and unveiled as part of the opening of the CAFKA Festival and remain as a legacy to the vibrant Arts community we are so fortunate to have in the Waterloo Region.

Community Benefit

Neighbourhood residents will have a renewed sense of pride in their community. 69 Agnes street is seen from one of the city's main arteries and is traveled by thousands of people every day. This mural will touch anyone who passes by. 69 Agnes is also a piece of local heritage and has been in existence since 1927 as a central athletic and social club and has always been central to the heart of the city.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The total budget for this project is $19,000 with funding requests in under various sources
$ 2,000 site preparation for the commissioned mural
$ 3,000 Materials and Artist fees

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