Create a baby food club. Convert the interior of a community centre.Sherbrooke Loisirs-Action


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  • Help moms socialize
  • Offer healthy baby food
  • Counter social isolation
  • Equip our community centre with the necessary equipment


The city of Sherbrooke and the school board are working together to build a community centre. Now, it is important to develop activities for the centre. One of our projects is a "baby food club." With this project, we hope to bring together moms and babies, so that moms can socialize while making baby food for their children!

Sherbrooke is home to many immigrants and this project could help to create a connection between the cultural communities. As part of this activity, we will also provide healthy lifestyle support.

Thanks to this project, we will also be able to purchase the equipment needed to offer our citizens a kitchen and suitable, adapted premises. This will allow us to create an environment where they will feel comfortable and have access to the necessary resources.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Purchase of fruits and vegetables to make the baby food.
$ 500 Professional resource in hosting
$ 500 Purchase of food processors
$ 1,000 Purchase of pots
$ 800 Utensils (small and large)
$ 1,000 Purchase of a projector
$ 1,000 Purchase of a TV monitor (for presentations)
$ 3,000 Purchase of tables and chairs
$ 1,500 Purchase of a sound system for various classes
$ 700 Purchase of items for babies and children

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