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  • Distribute 5,000 nutrition kits for troubled youth

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The nutrition kit will help young people leaving youth centres in Quebec at the age of 18 without a basic knowledge of cooking. It is difficult for these young people to meet their nutritional needs and yet they are responsible for doing so. The kits will be distributed to youths who are between the ages of 16 and 17. These kits will help educators and host families intervene positively and in prevention, so as to educate youths on managing their nutritional needs before they leave the centres. We hope that this initiative will reduce their dependence on food aid.

Kit design - should be finalized in September 2010

Receipt of items to include in the kit - October 2010

Kit assembly - October 2010

Finalize funding for the kits - 50% of the funds to be raised before September

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Missing 50% of the funding for the distribution phase. $45,000 from the Premier's office. $20,000 from the Quebec Youth Foundation. Thus $60,000 is missing to finalize the budget. Several other groups are currently being approached in order to cover the balance.
$ 25,000 Print cookbooks

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