Lead A Road Running Revolution for Canadians With Physical DisabilitesAthletics Canada, Para-Athletics Program


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  • Encourage more people with physical disabilities to be active
  • Create an online community for national support
  • Provide equipment and support to decrease participation barrier
  • Create a venue for personal growth, development and goal setting

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Be the spark to light the fire of physical fitness for many who think that they can’t, or shouldn’t, or just haven’t tried. Through Learn To Run (and wheel) clinics, skills will be learned and goals will be set. People will register online and will feel the love from others across the nation doing similar things. Equipment & Support funds (racing chairs, prosthetics, guides) will be shared with those who have goals of running 5km, 10km, a half Marathon, or a full Marathon.  We know that Canadian’s can do it, and we want to help them accomplish their goals! Through shared stories, struggles and triumphs alike, an online community of road runners (and wheelers) will be created. The culminating event, in the fall of 2011 will mark the conclusion of 24 weeks of challenge, effort and success. Grant funds will support select participants with an opportunity to meet their goals and do a ½ marathon or 5km event in the Nation’s Capital.

Community Benefit

Persons with physical disabilities will become swept up in a national revolution of physical activity through the sport of running (wheeling). A greater number of Canadians will become more physically active through mentorship, shared successes & challenges, and strategic training. Equipment funds will aid in breaking down barriers that may have detered involvement in the past, a web-based support network will help build confidence as individuals and as a collective. This grant will directly impact a number of Canadians with physical disabilities and create local, provincial and national communities of physically active persons with physical disabilities who are all striving for personal success in some way.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Will NOT cover transportation to and from the Learn To Run sites. Funds will not cover mechanized wheelchairs (battery powered, handcycles, etc), Only available to persons who are not already part of the Athletics Canada Para-Athletics Program system, its provincial branches/clubs and partners.
$ 5,000 Learn to Run(wheel) program leaders: min of 15x24 wks X $10/hr
$ 10,000 Program Promotion (Swag, shirts, flyers etc)
$ 10,000 Culminating Event (to offset travel costs of min 10 participants)
$ 10,000 Program Costs (computer, travel, office costs, etc.)
$ 15,000 Project coordinator -to oversee projects, manage website & tracking
$ 50,000 Equipment Funds (racing chairs, prosthesis, guide support)

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