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Le Samaritain is a food bank that helps people who find themselves in a precarious financial situation. In 2008, we distributed an average of 558 food baskets monthly. In 2010, we delivered our food aid services 920 times. 

We've reached a point where we have to place the stored cans of food laterally in order to save some space. The electrical system and the remaining space cannot accommodate any new appliances.

We need:

- Access for people with impaired mobility
- Waiting room (other than standing outside...).
- Office for the manager, to greet and sign-up clients
- Cold room.
- Pantry (3x larger than the current space)
- Storage space.
- A room for the volunteers.

The need for new premises is increasingly urgent.

I have a great hopes for Le Samaritain, I need outside help to implement my vision.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Once we have the funds, we can find a new building and start the project
$ 100,000 Purchasing a building

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