run bboy (breakdancing) programs at schools around Halifax, NS.Concrete Roots


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  • To provide at least 100 youth with bboy instruction
  • To establish & train at least 10 bboy crews
  • To reach at least 1500 community members with our events
  • To identify & train at least 20 junior instructors


Summary: We will match local bboys and bgirls with schools throughout Halifax to establish and train bboy crews in each school.  Each instructor will run a 2 hour session once a week that will cover fundamental toprocking and footwork steps, getdowns, basic power moves and freezes.  They will also teach crew building skills such as how to work out a mission statement, come up with training routines, create choreographed routines and performances and mentor and teach other upcoming bboys/bgirls.  We will concurrently run open practice sessions at various community centres throughout Halifax where members of different crews can interact and learn from each other.  We will organize regular cypher events and competitions to give the dancers a chance to meet others and perform for the general public. 

Deliverables (based on past events):  12+ crews w/avg. of 8 participants, 4 events w/avg. of 400 attendees, press mentions (Chronicle Herald, Metro, CTV, CBC)

Community Benefit

We have seen over the last two years that this program allows students to have an outlet for their creative expression through physical activity. The students who participate in the program gain a greater sense of self as they develop their artistic personas as bboys and bgirls and learn to work with others as they create crew routines and choreography. We have seen them gain self-confidence while learning to respect others who teach them and who they compete with. Additionally, students will gain an appreciation for true Hip Hop culture, which is about celebration and self-creation. The events throughout the program will allow friends, family and community members to celebrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 13,000 after school bboy instructors
$ 6,000 summer program facilitation
$ 11,280 administration
$ 7,000 crew clothing
$ 7,000 sound equipment
$ 6,270 video equipment
$ 14,000 event costs (venues, DJs, judges, etc.)
$ 4,800 ground transportation
$ 650 meeting expenses
$ 20,000 radio promotion
$ 5,000 print promotion
$ 5,000 internet promotion

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