create a national student work program.One Week Job Productions Inc.


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  • Inspire Canadians to seek meaningful careers
  • Sign-up at least 100 companies in each city to be Program Employers
  • Sign-up at least 100 potential program participants in each city


Project Summary:

The One-Week Job Program is designed to provide others the opportunity to discover their passions by participating in a similar experience to Sean’s original journey. Students will explore different careers by trying out a series of One Week Job’s in areas that interest.

Students will learn how to approach companies, how to handle themselves in the interview process, develop a professional resume, organize a personalized OWJ experience catered to their interests, and learn about different professions that appeal to them and which they might like to pursue after graduation. The last part of the course will be back in the classroom where students will reflect on their experience, what they learned, and then put a plan in place for their future after graduation.


  • Implement a sustainable OWJ Program in at least 3 Canadian cities within one year.


Community Benefit

Our careers play such an integral part of our lives. If we are happy in our careers, this happiness will transcend into all areas of our life. It will positively impact our family, friends, and community, and increase our willingness to get involved to make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 30,000 staffing
$ 35,000 program development
$ 10,000 website development
$ 25,000 company/student outreach - marketing, promotion

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