Outdoor Movie Tour (50 shows in 50 towns) - 100,000 lbs for Food Bank!Cinema4Change


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  • Raise 100,000 lbs of food for CDN Food Banks!
  • Host 50 FREE Outdoor Movie Nights in 50 Canadian Communities!
  • Raise 2,000 lbs of food per community (50 x 2021 lbs = 100,000 lbs)
  • Cover all of Canada! Every province and territory covered!
  • Bring the community together while supporting a worthwhile cause

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50 outdoor movie nights in 50 towns across Canada (covering all provinces/territories)! The tour is a multi-night presentation of movies in various towns across Canada on GIANT inflatable movie screens. People of all ages will be able to enjoy their favorite movies in the comfort of their own park, while supporting a worthwhile initiative. Admission is FREE. However, those attending will be encouraged to donate food items. Goal? Raise 100,000 lbs of food Canada-wide (equal to 2,000 lbs of food per town). Where will the tour stop in? You decide! We will host an online poll. The more friends you get to vote for your town the better the chances. The tour is great for everyone as you are not required to raise funds in advance, collect pledges, or sell anything to support the tour. Instead, you simply show up, make a nominal donation (if you choose to), and enjoy a unique, memorable and fun family-oriented atmosphere.

Community Benefit

The 1st MAJOR community benefit is the thousands of pounds of food that we will collect & give back to every one of the 50 communities that we will be visiting. All of the food collected will stay locally allowing us to help thousands of families who are in need. The 2nd community benefit is that our outdoor movie tour brings back the essence of "community". What better to way to bring the community together than to turn your local park into a meeting place? People will come early, set up their blankets/lawn chairs, watch the pre-movie entertainment (i.e. bands, comedians, magicians). They will interact with each other, play games, toss the frisbee/baseball & just have a good time! People will actually "speak" to each other face to face rather than email, facebook, twitter or text. We are talking about a REAL community event where common values are represented by all those in attendance and there is a level of SOCIAL COHESION - something that has been lost over the last few decades.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Please note: Pepsi can be named as exclusive Title Sponsor of the tour. Benefits could include: naming rights, on-screen commercials before movie starts, GIANT banner on the screen, on-site product giveaways, pepsi only products at event, pre-movie announcements. We want a partnership with Pepsi.
$ 30,000 15 shows in Ontario
$ 22,000 11 shows in Quebec
$ 12,000 6 shows in British Columbia
$ 10,000 5 shows in Alberta
$ 4,000 2 shows in Saskatchewan
$ 4,000 2 shows in Manitoba
$ 4,000 2 shows in New Brunswick
$ 4,000 2 shows in Nova Scotia
$ 2,000 1 show in Nunavut
$ 2,000 1 show in Yukon
$ 2,000 1 show in North West Territories
$ 2,000 1 show in Prince Edward Island
$ 2,000 1 show in Newfoundland

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