open a wildlife rehabilitation centre for fawns and other wildlifeConstance Creek Wildlife Refuge


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  • Complete fences around wildlife enclosures
  • Build fences at foster sites suitable for soft release
  • Install electrical hookup to intake clinic trailer

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Ottawa has hundreds of collisions between car and deer each year. There is no facility in this region authorized to provide care for the resulting orphaned fawns. Wildlife rehabilitation services are urgently needed!

Our project allows for the community to take a responsible approach to reducing the negative impact of humans on wildlife. We will fill the gap by completing our intake and treatment clinic and wildlife enclosures.

An excellent portable office has been donated to become our clinic. We need to install the electrical and plumbing connections so our veterinarian and clinicians can treat the incoming animals.

Solid fencing must surround the wildlife so they don't become exposed to domestic animals and human activity. Small mammals need large, safe enclosures where they can socialize with others of their species and acquire the survival skills they need. Fawns need a large natural enclosure in which they can grow strong and maintain a fear of humans.

Community Benefit

Once CCWR can officially open its wildlife rehabilitation program, the community in and around Ottawa will have a place to contact when concerned about a wildlife issue. We will take in any wildlife that appears ill, orphaned or injured and provide appropriate veterinary care. We will vaccinate wildlife in our care to prevent the spread of disease. We will provide education to foster an appreciation of wildlife and the positive role it can play in our lives. We will provide a voice for wildlife in the city planning process to help build a city with a vision that includes wildlife by maintaining green corridors and conserving biodiverse areas. In addition to these services, we will engage Ottawa communities and develop their capacity to educate about wildlife from within. We want the community to embrace our project and take ownership of it so that CCWR belongs to the people of Ottawa. We encourage volunteer contributions, with volunteers taking on every role in running CCWR.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteers will provide all of the labour.
$ 20,000 tractor to dig holes for fences posts and prepare enclosures
$ 5,000 wood and supplies for main fence surrounding wildlife centre

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