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  • To provide a unique camp experience for 40 children with JA
  • To provide a social network for children suffering with JA
  • To raise $25,000 in donations to help make this dream come true


The Atlantic Canadian Branch of the Arthritis Society wishes to create a camp for children suffering from juvenile arthritis to keep them moving physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our Keep Kids Moving Camp is dedicated to children who are suffering from juvenile arthritis. The camp strives to give these children a place to enjoy physical activity with their peers suffering from the same disease, which allows them to create new friendships and ways of coping with the day to day struggles of living with arthritis.

The Keep Kids Moving Camp will take place in the month of August at the new Brigadoon Camp facility located in Nova Scotia. The location provides programming in Outdoor Recreation, Environmental Education, Aquatics and Art. For our inaugural year we are hoping to provide this experience to a minimum of 40 children ages 8 to 16, throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

Community Benefit

What sets this camp apart is the fact that campers participate in activities designed to promote treatment, education, self management strategies, coping skills and a healthy lifestyle. Peer counselors act as role models and provide emotional support for the campers. One of the most important components of the camp is for the children to experience a peer group with similar challenges and establish friendships that can continue after the camp. Children with arthritis have to learn to cope with life's difficulties at an early age. They may have to overcome pain, depression, separation from family and friends during hospitalizations and limitations on their ability to do things and have fun. They must take on the responsibility of an exercise program and take medication on a regular basis. But with guidance, encouragement, and programs such as the Keep Kids Moving camp, these can be growing experiences.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The cost of sending 40 children to camp exceeds 50,000. This grant will greatly help The Arthritis Society’s efforts to send those children who are less fortunate to a camp the meets their specific needs
$ 25,000 To help subsidies the cost of camp

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