La corporation Spect-Arts

What if this church became an artistic and cultural center?La corporation Spect-Arts


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  • Contribute to the decrease in cultural exclusion for the citizens
  • Encourage the creation and experimentation between arts and the p
  • Local and regional artistic development and experimentation
  • Preserve and highlight the heritage
  • Suggest an original art platform for tourism


The project aims to transform a church into a platform for artistic and cultural creation and experimentation.

Along with citizens, artists and the region, invent and create the past and present in order to understand the future by uniting the imaginary and the real in the creation process.

The project must include social, artistic and cultural activities to continue and maintain the exchange and meeting processes between the citizens.

Workshops: A meeting between live art and visual art / design, recycling and silkscreening / theater and dance

A residence of nomad international artists combining theatre and music, working on the concept of living within its territory.

Dinner shows that are varied and original

Concerts combining music and visual arts

A travelling art festival in the region


How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budgets provided are general and cover all costs of materials and human resources, management and administration and awareness involving the organization of these cultural and artistic events.
$ 40,000 Mounting and running art workshops
$ 20,000 Residences and creating artists
$ 20,000 Travelling art festival to take around the region
$ 20,000 Initial purchase of sound and lighting equipment

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