Help save our homes please fix our roofs and build a safe playground Cougar Canyon Co-op


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  • To obtain a grant to fix our leaking roofs
  • To build a safe playground with equipmen for our children


We need $100,000.00 to fix our leaking roofs, and build a safety coded playground with equipment for our children to play in.  The roofs would cost $90,000.00 for 24 units to make them leak and mould proof with gutters, and downspouts which are over 30 yrs old. They have been leaking for 8 months and mould is starting in alot of the attics. The remaing $10,000.00 would cover the costs of the equipment to build an up to date safety coded playground, some of the labour would have to be provided by volunteers in our co-op and immediate community, which we have approxiamately 30. It would take approximately 1 month to complete both projects in full, weather permitting. We have gotten all the estimates from professional roofers, who are eco friendly.  With this grant we would be able to accomplish this and make our homes safe, mould free and a play area for our children to thrive in.  We would advertise that this was a pepsi refresh project with a sign and in the paper.

Community Benefit

The benefit in our community is it would keep us in our homes, make them safe, mould free and a safe play area for our children to grow in.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 90,000 To put new roofs, gutters, downspouts
$ 10,000 To erect playground with equipment

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