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  • To Fix our Roofs
  • Replace our broken gutters


Cougar Canyon Housing Co-operative is a non-profit organization that is located in Delta B.C. Our housing community is made up of all walks of life from seniors, single parent families, to couples and plenty of children. We are asking you and the community to vote for us at $ 100,000 Neighborhood grants for our roof and gutter project.

 Our roofs are 30 years old and we currently have 7 roofs leaking in our complex today with no funding to address such a large project. The individuals residing in our complex are on a very low fixed income and in order to fund this project, a major increase in their housing charges would have to be implemented putting some of our members in hardship and may having to find other housing. The $100,000 grant not only would help the current generation secure their homes, but also provide safe and livable homes for the next generation to come.

With your votes we wiil achieve our goal by fixing the roof/gutters that are so desperately in need of repair.

Community Benefit

The benefit of winning the $100,000 grant will secure the homes for the current residence and for the next generation to come.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 82,000 roofs
$ 18,000 gutters

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