"Quebecois artists in Outaouais": Cultural performance for everyone!Le Festival de boîtes à savon de Gatineau


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  • Create a cultural platform for emerging artists
  • Promote a lifeless neighbourhood and develop a sense of belonging
  • Create an intergenerational, inclusive and affordable family event
  • Bringing different communities together

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For 7 years, we've been staging a big soap box race. Last year, more than 10 500 people attended our activities. In 2011, the event returns to a festival recognized by the City of Gatineau. Our lineup makes room for other green car races and for a cultural section introduced in 2010 which will host the emerging young artists together with more popular groups. We need the support of Pepsi to be able to finalize our project to organize, on Friday night, an outdoor show to provide and offer a professional stage to Quebec and Canadian artists and young emerging artists from the Outaouais. Let's create together an unforgettable event for the young as well as the not so young.

Community Benefit

The production of the show we want to organize aims at encouraging family and intergenerational activities within the festival, while enabling young emerging people to share the stage with professional artists. The goal is to create an event that will develop and popularize the area. Moreover, it is about enabling people to have access to culture at low cost. We also want to create cooperation between residents and merchants. And for some twenty young people, they will live a professional stage experience in cooperation with more established artists; an opportunity to be known and discovered.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: $1000 Security - $2000 sound / lighting / Technician - $1,500 Other fees - $1,500 advertising - $500 site maintenance - %500 facilities and other appropriate equipment - $500 catering for volunteers (meals, water, snacks, etc..) Total budget, including Pepsi:$17500
$ 3,000 Hire stage or dome
$ 7,000 Artists and groups fees

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