Establish a healthy breakfast program for David Busby Street Centre.David Busby Street Centre


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  • * Esatblish a Breakfast Program that includes fruits & vegetables
  • * Show Benefits to further develop and Implement a Wellness Program
  • * Sustain our program with support of in-kind food/products & services

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Our Plan is to develop a breakfast program so that we can provide healthy fruits and vegetables to increase mental health and wellness among our participants. 

Our vision is to further develop this into an overall "Wellness" program within the Centre to promote the benefits of healthy eating, nutrition and excerise.  By showing the benefits of this program we will be able to reach out to the community for in-kind fruits, vegetables, products and services required to sustain this initiative.

The individuals and families using services at DBSC suffer from poor health, social isolation, complex mental health concerns, physical, cognitive and social challenges, and the devastating impact of violence and abuse. Many live below the poverty line, unable to afford these items.

Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) defines a family as “poor” if it spends 63% of household income on basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Community Benefit

As placement students at York University in the Nursing Program our observation is that this program will allow our most vulnerable population an opportunity to acquire healthier eating choices which they may not be able to provide for themselves. The population the Busby Centre serves are neighbours to each and every one of us and should be treated as such. Giving us the opportunity to provide and foster healthy eating will promote good health and mental wellness to everyone who fdrops in, which will overflow and have an overall impact in the City of Barrie and to all of Simcoe County both socially and economically. References: Machan, G., Trainor, S., & Whittington, P. (2006). Taking Responsibility for Hunger in Barrie:Moving to a capacity building approach. Barrie, ON: Barrie Community Health Centre. Statistics Canada. (2006). Canadian Community Health Survey: Overview of Canadians’ eating habits. Retrieved from quotidien/060706/dq060706b-eng.htm.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Staff to administer the program. Staff to purchase the food items. Vehicle costs associated in purchasing and deliviering the food to the centre.
$ 500 to purchase utensils, bowls etc, to serve food
$ 4,500 used to purchase fruits and vegetables

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