Create a Sensory Garden in a York Region, ON home for the deafblindDeafBlind Ontario Services


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  • improve accessibility of yard and offer sensory benefits to deafblind



Each of our houses has a backyard with the potential to offer increased living space as well as a variety of sensory experiences.  Given the physical barriers of these yards many residents cannot enjoy this area of their home.  By leveling the ground and creating wheelchair accessible walkways, a series of raised Sensory Gardens could be created , enabling our residents to experience a variety of sensory stimulants and vegetable gardens.



- 1 sensory garden, benefitting 10 adults with deafblindness

- 75% resident participation in garden maintenance and vegetable planting & harvesting

- community partnership with local horticultural society for garden maintenance and advice

- website, annual report, newsletter and Facebook mentions


How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Grant will cover labour and materials to create a pergola, raised garden beds, water feature, plants, soil, garden stones for wheelchair accessible pathways, etc.
$ 10,000 costs to implement garden

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