Create a donations room so women and children can live violence free.Dixon Transition Society


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  • To build a room where women and children can access used clothing
  • Create a more organized way of sorting and storing donations


Project Summary:

The project involves building an extension to the existing transition house that will serve as a community donations room housing clothes, toys, bedding and household items that can be accessed by women and children who have nothing due to leaving their homes due to fleeing violence. These donations will be the women's first step on their journey to full independence.


78 women and 106 children have access to basic essentials that will allow them to move forward with thir lives free of violence.

$45,000 worth of community donations will find their way to women and children who need them.

Connecting the community to women and children in need by providing a place where the community knows that their donations are going directly into the hands of the women and children who need them.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Total project budget is $225,000
$ 25,000 Construction of new extension

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