start & grow a garden & to donate the produce to the local food bank.EarthKeepers


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  • To get the youth involved in building/maintaining a community garden
  • To donate the grown produce to the local food bank (Caring and Sharing
  • To bring together all different members of the community


The project is called "The HONEY Garden". HONEY stands for Helping Our Neighbours Eat Yearly. The EarthKeepers are going to partner up with the Caring and Sharing Food Bank. The EarthKeepers youth are going to volunteer their time to turn a field into a garden. They are going to plant and maintain this garden and then cultivate it when it is ready. All of the produce that comes from the HONEY garden will then be donated to the Caring and Sharing Food bank. This will allow the youth of the community be directly involved with many functions of the community. They will learn about the environment and agriculture, about working with other community members and organizations, and about how hard work and dedication can have a positive impact on others in need.

The HONEY Garden is going to be a project that gives back to everybody in the community!

How will the $10K be used?

$ 1,200 equipment to till and cultivate the field
$ 2,000 soil and fertilizer products
$ 300 seeds for produce
$ 500 equipment to water the garden (hoses, sprinklers)
$ 300 garden tools (shovels, rakes, etc)
$ 1,000 gas expenses to travel to and from garden
$ 600 cases to store produce after picked
$ 500 fencing to keep pests out
$ 600 signage and advertising
$ 1,000 tool storage location
$ 1,000 misc. costs

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