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  • Identify physical activity patterns among Québec's children
  • Improve school physical activity programs and others

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Firstly, the POMEE (Prevention of obesity and diseases among children) project aims to identify the daily physical activity patterns of primary school children. We wish to know when and where children are the most active (at home, at school, during the week, on the weekend, etc.) in order to create an intervention program to increase their level of activity during periods when they are often more sedentary or at risk of developing obesity.

With the help of technologically advanced equipment we can measure, minute by minute, time spent doing physical activities, as well as time spent being sedentary, time spent lying down and time spent sleeping.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Synemorphose is committed to paying employees' wages and to providing the rest of the equipment required to conduct the POMEE project. However, we need to purchase 10 additional accelerometers in order to complete the project ($10,000).
$ 10,000 Purchase of specialized material

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