Create an intelligent magazine for young women aged 14-19 Kate McKenna


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  • To create a publication (magazine) geared towards teenage girls.
  • To encourage criticism of media standards via in-depth feature pieces.
  • To fill a niche in the market of 'smart girl' magazines.
  • To employ a handful of journalists and encourage Canadian writers.
  • To become financially self-sufficient within one fiscal year.


    This magazine, called "Raspberry," would have national distribution and a keen online interface.  Although it would be quarterly, internet presence would be consistently fresh. 
    The content of the magazine will aspire to mix Nylon with McSweeney's, only for a target Canadian audience of young females.  Most importantly, the tone of the magazine wouldn't 'talk down' to its readership.
    There's universal consensus that media standards do bad things to adolescents. However, most of the media skepticism seems to be geared towards an older audience (i.e.  Similarly, there are a dearth of publications for young women that encourage reading, writing, critical thinking, and environmental awareness.  Raspberry, via clever commentary and in-depth reporting from some of Canada's forefront young journalists, will aspire to make being smart and savvy cool, instead of taking backseat to boys and makeup.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget would not cover distribution nor issues past the first. The first issue is intended to act as a model to generate ad revenue, which, ideally, would keep the publication afloat indefinitely. Because of the target market, ad revenue should be more easily attained.
$ 5,000 Website design
$ 993 Print cost per issue
$ 4,007 Salaries to start

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