“Don’t Let the Music Die” Regional Extracurricular ProgramÉcole de musique Denys Arcand


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  • Making music instruction available at low cost to elementary school children

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The “Don’t let the music die” project came into being to counter the disappearance of music classes in rural area schools. Qualified teachers go on location to elementary schools in the Portneuf region at lunchtime or after school to give guitar, percussion, and choir singing lessons. Whether as a simple pastime or a deep passion, music positively impacts the life of these children: improved self-esteem, self-development, creating bonds, breaking out of isolation. Students will practise choice pieces during the school term and perform them at the Music School concerts held in December and May. Performances will be filmed and offered at a very low price to the children to keep as a souvenir of their experience. We will do everything we can to continue this programme as long as possible!

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Hiring teachers and purchasing instruments and equipment

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