Eco-Hotel (L'Écol'Hôtel) in Trois-Rivières: A Unique & Ecological Robin Hood ProjectVire-vert


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  • Provide a space for practice purposes to at least 100 students/year
  • Create 10 jobs
  • Undertake studies, draw plans and prepare cost estimates for the 1st Eco-Hotel in Canada

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Vire-Vert would like to create the 1st eco-hotel & school in Canada, the 1st ecologically built (LEED Gold) and ecologically managed hotel, with a practice laboratory for students in the region. All funds generated by the hotel would be used to finance projects aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods in need, reducing poverty, and improving the environment. It’s a Robin Hood approach: run a 4-star establishment and get money from the rich to help the poor and better their quality of life ($500,000 to 1 million per year). Each room will be decorated by artists and artisans of the region, and will serve to showcase their talent. Please vote for this decisive project, which is sure to help put Trois-Rivières and its artists on the map.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The building’s restoration is not included in this 12-month phase, which covers studies, plans, and estimates, plus design and installation costs for the student laboratory.
$ 25,000 Employ someone to create the “school” section and act as mentor

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