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  • Foster community awareness about crime & criminal justice issues
  • Empower a large & diverse group w/crime prevention knowledge
  • Promote crime prevention/reduction in Canadian communities
  • Encourage learning in a fun, innovative, and accessible way!

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Project Summary:
The "Janice for John Howard!" blog takes on an innovative approach to educating Canadians about important crime and criminal justice issues affecting our Canadian communities today!

My blog "Janice Runs for John Howard!: The Sequel" (see link on the left sidebar) is a short-term project I voluntarily created to raise money for the John Howard Society of Ontario (JHSO) and to increase public knowledge about current and relevant issues on crime prevention and reduction. I need your help, by voting, to continue my mission to empower Canadians with this knowledge and to reach an even greater number and diversity of individuals! 

I will also continue my exciting fundraising adventures with "Coach Jake" to support JHSO's programs which have been helping to reduce crime for many years! While I sprint around the city during my training runs, I will hand out public education materials to mobilize knowledge to Canadians!

Please vote for this idea! Thank you so much! =) 

Community Benefit

Issues about crime and the criminal justice system which impact our communities is a significant concern for many Canadians. People want to feel that everything is being done to reduce crime and that they are living in safe and healthy communities. A recent report from the Department of Justice concluded: "Canadians are concerned about crime in the country as a whole, and more specifically in their own neighbourhoods." BUT the problem is that: "... the public's fears remain unrelated to actual crime rates and potential for victimization, as perceptions of criminal activity and violence are not in tune with reality." This blog will give Canadians the tools they need to empower themselves with accurate information about crime and what it takes to effectively prevent or reduce it. The knowledge and decisions of all Canadians have an impact on what kind of responses to crime we take on as a community!

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Funding will not cover much of the time I'll be spending to create and maintain this public education blog - that's how passionate I am about doing this! =)
$ 1,000 Public education materials about crime prevention
$ 500 Advertisement to spread the word about the blog far and wide!
$ 100 Enrollment for fundraising events (e.g. race entry fee)
$ 2,300 Creating website educational content
$ 300 Camera to capture great blog footage!
$ 800 Education workshops etc, travel to visit community orgs. etc

Thank you for voting! Why not help promote this idea?

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