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  • Encourage healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Improve kinetics and general physical preparedness in our school.
  • Enable physical activity that is fun and supports success.

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The purpose of RamsFit is to encourage students and staff of all abilities at Stratford Central Secondary School to be stronger, faster and provide them with an opportunity to reconnect to the movement capacity of their genetics. We have constructed a pull-up rigging and purchased a few medicine balls and kettlebells. RamsFitters continue to learn and refine optimal kinetics through metabolic conditioning, Olympic lifting and gymnastics. Workouts of functional movements are made fun by using programs that add intensity and cooperative competitiveness. RamsFit is modeled after CrossFit, i.e. functional movements executed at high intensity to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Please consider our request - anchored by two Concept2 D PM rowers- for equipment to enable the scaleability and success of workouts for our school community.

Community Benefit

Enhancement of the physical education equipment at Stratford Central Secondary School will have a broad impact on physical activity engagement at Stratford Central Secondary School. It will expand RamsFit’s domains of fitness fun and provide the opportunity for RamsFitters to be stronger, faster and improve their general physical preparedness capacity. RamsFitters have taught their practices to Grade 11 Healthy Living and Grade 7 Physical Education classes. The intention is for student citizens to become role models and mentors of fitness in the school community and encourage those around them to take ownership of their health. Moreover, we hope our students will inspire healthy habits of family and friends in the community.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,000 2x Concept2 D PM3 Rowers
$ 247 York FTS Squat Stans
$ 120 32 kg Kettlebell
$ 95 24 kg Kettlebell
$ 55 5 pack of Cable Jump Ropes
$ 95 14 lb MK D-ball
$ 115 20 lb MK D-ball
$ 80 8 lb Dynamax Medicine Ball
$ 95 14 lb Dynamax Medicine Ball
$ 110 20 lb Dynamax Medicine Ball
$ 75 Wood Gymnastic Rings
$ 300 York Olympic Bar
$ 144 2x 45 lb Olympic Bumper Plates
$ 80 2x 25 lb Olympic Bumper Plates
$ 391 Shipping
$ 800 Taxes and Currency Conversion

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