create enlightened golfer for youths, life lessons from the links.Margarit Brigham


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  • To build an interactive website with free teleseminars, video, ebooks
  • Self-publish children's golf & life book, distribute to golf courses
  • Create a Charity- Uniting Children with Elders on & off golf courses
  • To lay the groundwork for healthy bodies, mind, emotions and spirit
  • To empower youth by teaching the sacredness of nature & its symbolism

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The Enlightened Golfer for youth project combines life lessons from the links and the land. Learning about the virtues within the game, learning about culture, mother earth and self; connecting these aspects as a means for positive physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual development. Golf mirrors life and it is a game that does not have coaches on the sidelines. Children will develop their own inner encouraging coach through the use of golf fitness, mind/emotional mastery and gaining an indomitable spirit. They will learn to never feel alone while playing upon Mother Earth.

To fulfill a need in the golf community that offers conventional golf instruction by providing youth with alternative golf coaching for their whole being. Giving them a platform to pursue dreams in their future using golf as means to gain college scholarships, or to be Olympics Athletes.


  • Media Coverage (with pepsi logo)
  • Facebook group
  • Blogtalk radio
  • Charity
  • Prizes from golf suppliers

Community Benefit

According to Pellucid Corp 2007 review of the Golf Industry, an estimated 75% of the golf played in the U.S. is played by golfers over the age of 43. By 2015, well over 50% of all golf will be played by golfers over 55.The same results could also be true for Canadian golfers. By encouraging kids to play golf you give them a sport that lasts a life time. More than ever, Golf is a game to balance our technological lifestlyes,by being outdoors in nature for hours. The beauty of nature feeds the soul and this is interconnected in building happy, healthy young people. Happy kids=Happy Community. Inherent in the game are life lessons and children will learn self-motivation, conflict resolution, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, honesty, discipline and fun, as well as the importance of their choices, consequences and responsibilities. Experiences that will teach the value of positive, self-directed attitudes and behaviours that result in productive use of time & energy.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Will not cover travel for speaking engagements. Partial Proceeds from Childrens's book "Humble the Bumblebee & the magical golf course" will go to supporting a charity connecting Elders with youth. Discounted book price for the 70 Nike Camps and the hundreds of junior golf camps across Canada.
$ 3,000 Website & Maintenance, videos, mp3's, ebooks
$ 3,000 Self-publish illustrated children's book
$ 2,000 Marketing and Promotions with pepsi logo
$ 2,000 Ipad, Mac Laptop, video camera & tripod

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