Fight student dropout (33%). Video ad produced by teenagersALAIN APOLLON


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  • Fight student dropout
  • Give youth a voice on important subjects
  • Allowing them to use their favourite medias (social networks)

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In our country, 33% of students drop out of school. As the interest in the world of film and television is of unequaled interest for teenagers, I propose giving youth the means of developing their creativity and to reach out to other teenagers who may be considering dropping out. A $500 grant/bursary would be awarded to author (of the contest for 11-15 year-olds) of the selected script. The winner would get the opportunity to co-produce a video. The film crew would be made up of teenagers from a school environment that is affected by dropout and it will be supervised by professional.

Community Benefit

This project directly engages youths in the design and production of a tool that is specific to them. They watch a lot of movies on television or on the internet. They know the rules, but they don't understand the requirements in terms of the actual work. A concrete project would allow them to use their knowledge to showcase their community a different point of view on the basics and relatively to social messages, with a focus on dropout. Students will discover new possibilities by applying the concepts learned in math, physics or language classes, or group work or other instances – concepts that are not perceived as being really useful. All these elements are essential in the development of a short film, a video clip, or an advertisement, and they can be found in this project. Students will connect the theory and the daily activities of a production set.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 500 grant for script development
$ 2,500 equipment and camera
$ 500 Rental of the shooting premises
$ 1,700 fees for extras and technicians
$ 500 musical rights
$ 1,500 broadcasting
$ 1,500 operation and transportation costs
$ 1,300 editing and post-production

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