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  • Make visual arts accessible to the average citizen
  • Provide a portfolio to contemporary artists in Quebec
  • Promote our local artists, free of charge.

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We have designed a website that aims at highlighting the works of Quebec's visual artists. The site is a virtual art gallery where each artist is entitled to have his/her individual exhibition hall, completely free of charge. Navigating on this site is like visiting a museum. The different halls all have a door at each end so one can naturally stroll through and move naturally from one artist to another. Thanks to a simple and smooth navigation, and to its biographic and artistic commentaries, the site stands out and is different from other artists directories. To the best of our knowledge, no other site in the world offers such a wide access to the works of visual artists, free of charge.                                                                www.galerieartvirtuelle.com

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: To make navigation on the site more dynamic. - The site must be self-managed at a minimum of 50%. - We take care of the entire computer graphics and programming work of the site. - The site does not have a management tool and we need to create one in order to better manage our workload.
$ 10,000 Make the site more dynamic and maintain the no-charge service

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