Have hot breakfast Cultural Regalia Drum Making Workshps with HomelessI am a Counsellor who uses Art to help people to heal from traumas and addiction


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  • To do Art Therapy Classes
  • To make Regalias
  • To do drum making workshops
  • to help individuals to restore cultural values and dignity
  • To open a Drop In Centre to do Art and to feed people


to use Art as a healing tool to help people that suffer with alcoholism drug addictions to open up and talk about their traumas, to help them to restore self respect and to one day be productive individuals in society. i will serve nutritional breakfast lunch and supper to all participants, because i believe that food is a healing tool along with life skills listening and hearing one as they talk and express feeling hurts and pain. to love them and respect them and to see them as human beings. I want to be able to restore dignity and respect as First Nations people through allowing them to make regalias and drums and do performances out in the community and travel to near by places to sing songs and dance in their own language. i want to serve food every day as a stepping stone to build trust so they could open up, begin a healing journey through doing art like painting drawing or carving, and talking about it in a healing circle, by expressing a small amount of pain each day heals one

Community Benefit

It will be a place to allow street people to stay of the streets, where they could come in from the cold, eat a nutricious breakfast, be productive with time management, to learn new skills to stay away from alcohol and drugs, to some day be clean and sober, to allow First nations people to not be ashamed of who they are and to restore dignity in all people. to restore self esteem, dignity and pride, so people wont be on the streets all day long panhandling or bumming from others, they can have a healthy breakfast, and all can learn to do other things than hang about on the streets. this project is to start a long term sobriety program, hopefully this will lead to people wanting to do other things that will help them to sober up,

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: it will not cover the cost office equipment supplies and telephone hydro or gas
$ 4,000 Program Director i Yr Salary
$ 4,000 Art Supplies
$ 2,000 Rental and Food

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