Help the Nova Scotia team go to the Jeux de la Francophonie!! Conseil Jeunesse Provincial


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  • Gather teams for practices
  • Equip participants of the Nova Scotia Team
  • Organize an introductory rally for the delegation
  • Pay transportation costs of the delegation throughout NS

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The Canadian Francophone Games 2011 (JFC 2011)will bring together 1,000 participants from across the country to compete in artistic and sports competitions, as well as leadership skills. To ensure the full participation of the NS in the JFC 2011, we want to:

- Gather the teams that are geographically dispersed so that they can practice

- Train young people in their disciplines; particularly members of artistic teams

- Equip the delegation adequately

- Organize an introductory rally for the young people in the delegation to get to know each other, and for the community to demonstrate its support for their youth.

NS is geographically and financially disadvantaged compared to other provinces, and we want to help young people overcome these challenges and demonstrate their provincial pride.


Community Benefit

Young participants will know the place of their province within the Canadian Francophonie. They feel a sense of belonging to something greater than the francophone minority in danger of assimilation that they experience at home. By feeling ready for the JFC, they are proud of their province, and are able to compete at a national level. The community gathers around them and becomes stronger by supporting its youth. By sharing with young people from elsewhere in the francophone Canada, the national community is strengthened, and gains from the participants' enriching experiences. Following the Games, participants bring back home their experiences. They use their acquired skills to participate in sports development of their region. They become the sporting and cultural leaders of their region, and contribute to the blossoming of the community as a whole.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Participants' registration fees are not covered.
$ 4,000 Equipment for 110 NS participants.
$ 3,000 Transportation from remote areas
$ 2,000 gym rental for training
$ 1,000 introductory rally

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