"Prima Danse" events, organizing activities for youths of Quebec.Événements Prima Danse


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  • Offer diverse cultural experiences to Quebec youth
  • Promote exchange between professionals and amateurs
  • Promote dance as a leisure activity for the general population

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5 events are planned for the 2010-2011 year:

"Dansez pour Équiterre": 4th edition, dance competition presented as a benefit show for the environment; 450 dancers expected to participate, 500 spectators, April 2011.

Intensité: day-long training seminar in different dance styles, offered by professional choreographers from Quebec, 100 dancers expected to attend, Fall 2010, event held in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Rimouski

Benefit evening of dancing: dancers from different schools sell tickets to participate in an evening of dancing. Part of the proceeds is given to the dancers in order to help them cover the costs for their costumes and classes.

All of these events help develop a sense of belonging, in addition to developing physical and psychological skills.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: There will also be transportation costs since the "Prima Danse" events will travel to different regions.
$ 6,000 Human resources
$ 4,000 Production and promotion costs

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